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More than a lamp, this modern figurehead which magnifies what it lights, is a reinterpretation of the famous homonymous art piece. Whereas the simplicity of the shapes evokes a sense of dynamic lightness, like a bird taking flight, the monolith, made with

silver foils, gives preciosity and exclusivity to the whole object. This way, Samothrace turns a lighting device into a sculpture, seducing the most demanding aesthetes. «As Samothrace's aerial shapes evoke Freedom, we have decided not to tie it to a plu

g. Beyond the technological achievement, this symbolizes BLACKBODY's free spirit and its new way to conceive light as a sculpting material» says Bertrand Medas.

Stand/Befestigung mit Beinen
Form Diffusor/Reflektor rechteckig
Länge 300 mm
Breite 300 mm
Höhe 300 mm
Gewicht 150 kg
Material Metall (nicht spezifiziert)
Farben Silber

Black Body, Frankreich

Bertrand Médas