Sled Bett

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Kategorien: WohnmöbelBettenDoppelbetten

Cassina’s expertise in wood craftsmanship can be recognised in the working of the headboard and the original rear shelf, which can be used as an unconventional night table or a small night-time bookshelf, for a bed with a compact, measured form which is at the same time dynamic. Sled is ideal for the centre of the room, in a large and important sleeping area, where it is perfectly accessible from all sides. Clear and fine geometry for the soft cushions of the headboard, in perfect continuity with the wood surface. The bed, with a stained black oak frame, is also available in a Sled Slim version, without the rear shelf, that is adaptable to the wall.

Rodolfo Dordoni has also designed some wooden furnishings to complete the sleeping area: a desk with an asymmetrical top and integrated drawers, and two night tables on castors available with one or two drawers.

Länge 2540 mm / 2570 mm / 2640 mm
Breite 1780 mm / 1880 mm / 1980 mm / 2110 mm
Höhe 900 mm
Bettausführung mit Kopfteil
Material Holz (nicht spezifiziert)
Farben Schwarz

Cassina, Italien

Rodolfo Dordoni