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Cassina SimonCollezione

A restyling of the Tulu chair, one of the first chairs to be manufactured with a steel bar frame

The stackable Tulu chair, designed in 1968, was one of the first models to open the way for chairs produced with drawn chrome plated steel bars. This was an evolution compared to the bending of metal tubes as it made it possible to tighten the curves of the structure and the use of multiple automated welding machines allowed the frame to be produced in one single action.
Now, in addition to the chrome version, the bar of the frame can be painted matte white or black, like Takahama himself had experimented. Seeking to introduce new finishes, the architect hand painted the chair’s chrome frame, however this was not developed as it was not technically feasible at the time. Cassina’s research and analysis, in collaboration with the designer’s heirs and historical experts, therefore respects the original design, identifying unexplored and authentic features that otherwise would never have been discovered.
The new version of Tulu has also improved comfort and aesthetics. The belting and assembly system has been reviewed to further improve the quality of the product. Other new additions to the collection include the saddle leather finish and new completely removable fabric or leather upholstery.

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Cassina, Italien

Kazuhide Takahama