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This is a high-tech collection of stone-effect ceramics in an incredible range of different surfaces. The collection was inspired by the crystallization of mud and the way this material moves in the earth's crust. Available in two shades - Chiaro and Scur

o - and two versions - Base and Riga. In the eco++ version the MARNE collection has the added value of not only being made with pre-consumer recycled materials, as many other COEM products, but also 30% of post-consumer material, including the use of scra

ps of glass.
There is a total of 80 different shades in the Base Chiaro and Base Scuro versions, which are both available with a Natural/Rectified, Textured or Textured/Rectified finish. Numerous sizes are available: 45x90, 15x90, 60x60, 30x60 and 32x6

4.5 for the eco++ version. The vein effect of the stone is more accentuated in the Riga version. Both the Riga Chiaro and Riga Scuro are available with a Unpolished/Rectified or Half Polished/Rectified finish.
The collection also includes tiles measuri

ng 60x60 in a thickness of 20 mm plus a wide range of special trims: skirting tiles, L-shaped elements and both linear and angular steps in the various finishes.


Ceramiche Coem, Italien