THE OTHERS Lantern Hanging S


Meet THE OTHERS, an anthropomorphic lantern collection that ventures into decorative art. Playful, colorful, sculptural and sophisticated, THE OTHERS consists of a variety of hand-woven lanterns that, presented individually or arranged in totem-like stacks, take on the appearance of illuminated characters. Pairs of hand-made acrylic eyes, available as accessories, gaze back at the viewer with humor, curiosity and even a little mischief.

The concept of influential American designer Stephen Burks, whose work frequently touches on the meaning of handicraft and the humanity of those who create it, the collection began as an exploration into abstract figurative design. Invited to exhibit a special project in South Africa, Burks developed THE OTHERS as a response to the misinterpretation of “places less known and their peoples.”

The collection’s rich material mix reflects Burks’s — and DEDON’s — ongoing interest in the relationship of handicraft to design. The mosaic-style acrylic eyes are handmade in Germany, the optional marble bases are milled in Italy, and the bodies of THE OTHERS are woven by DEDON’s master weavers in the Philippines. “We wanted to make them a kind of family,” says Burks, “so they’re similarly woven, but each unique.”

A collection at once functional and fun, THE OTHERS bring color, diversity, illumination and companionship to any outdoor setting. Whether as single lanterns, totems or totem families, they work especially well in combination with DEDON collections such as AHNDA, TIBBO, DEAN, SeaX and WA.

Höhe 483 mm
Durchmesser 450 mm
Gewicht 3 kg
Material Kunststoff (nicht spezifiziert)
Farben Beigetöne
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DEDON, Deutschland

Stephen Burks


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