Cassia Küchenspüle

Vorgestellt:Interieur 2010, Kortrijk
Kategorien: KüchenKüchenausstattungSpülen / Becken

Cassia: forms as if modelled by hand
At ISH 2009, Duravit celebrated a premiere in the kitchen with models by Philippe Starck. The Hornberg-based company is now extending its range of ceramic sinks to include Cassia, designed by Phoenix Design. Modern,

open kitchens are a living area. They are a place for preparing food, cooking, doing the dishes and spending a lot of time with family and friends. As the kitchen sink is a visible element which is in constant use, everyday practicality is a key concern.

For Duravit, Phoenix Design created a harmonious overall look that adapts to every kitchen style. The nine Cassia built-in sinks are therefore designed for comfort and great practicality at good value for money. The soft and simple forms are practical an

d easy to clean – a true favourite in the kitchen.

Flowing forms – comfortable workflows
Phoenix Design incorporated the brilliance of ceramic into the design. The resulting soft forms are welcoming, high quality and functional. Key features a

re a fine, all-round profile, flat, flowing forms and a spacious surface area. The draining board can also be used to comfortably prepare and cut food. This is why it doesn’t have any grooves. Thanks to a gentle incline, depending on the variant, the wate

r flows into either the drainer or sink. The rectangular form in combination with the design element creates a comfortable bowl size so that larger pans or baking sheets can also be cleaned with ease. The gentle, all-round rim raises the height of the edg

e and protects against splash water when doing the dishes. To ensure that the sink can be filled to its limit, the variants with one and a half and two bowls have a narrow, somewhat lower strip in the side of the bowl instead of an overflow. This allows t

he water to flow elegantly into the adjacent bowl.

Everyday practicality and flexibility in every room
The Cassia kitchen sink is available in three built-in versions. Whether fitted as a right- or left-handed bowl, thanks to the axial layout of

the tap, overflow and pop-up waste control, the sink is reversible. The small variant with its clever layout even fits on relatively narrow vanity units with a width of just 50 cm. The medium-sized sink has both a large bowl and a small drainer and fits

on a 60 cm wide vanity unit. With two bowls, the large sink fits on an 80 cm wide vanity unit. The overflow of this variant sits in the centre of a 10 cm wide strip. Thanks to this little trick, small amounts of liquid, such as sauce leftovers, can be hy

gienically poured away whilst using both bowls simultaneously. When it comes to storage space in the kitchen, all three variants have one thing in common: with a standard 3-cm thick worktop, it’s even possible to fit a dishwasher under the draining board.

This ensures maximum use of all the available space.

Breite860 mm / 980 mm / 1160 mm
Tiefe510 mm

Duravit, Deutschland

Phoenix Design


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