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Vorgestellt:Interieur 2010, Kortrijk
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New furniture with carefully balanced proportions
As bathrooms are increasingly becoming personal havens of relaxation and regeneration, our demands for comfort and a welcoming atmosphere are also growing. As a visual link between ceramics and the bath

tub, one's choice in bathroom furniture has a decisive influence on the overall mood of the bathroom. When developing its latest "Ketho" range of bathroom furniture, Duravit thus chose to collaborate with a prominent furniture designer: Christian Werner.<

Born in Berlin, Werner is one of the most successful furniture designers in recent years. His high-profile work includes a range of storage furniture for Ligne Roset and sofas for Rolf Benz. Recently, the designer developed an interest in fashion d

esign and developed the ZOE shoe, a completely new and sensual design for platform wedges. When he turned his attention to the bathroom, sensuality was again top of his agenda. "Today, people are no longer uptight about personal hygiene. Personal hygiene

has become a pleasurable focus of attention and so, in turn, has the bathroom. It has become a sensory space for regeneration, somewhere that we enjoy spending time," said Werner. With this as his starting point, he started to "think furniture into the b

athroom" and searched for a lasting aesthetic that would embody his theory - in a succinct way.

Symbiosis of reduction and refinement
The result is a complete range of bathroom furniture featuring 44 compact elements of simple elegance with whic

h many people can identify. The range is characterized by sleek, rectangular forms with a filigree frame measuring just 1,6 cm (0.6") in thickness, giving a special subtlety to the range. Thanks to a special aluminium bracing, the 1,6 cm (0.6") frame can

even support a width of up to 140 cm (55"), thus enabling balanced proportions, regardless of size.

Another feature of the range is a continuous aluminium strip handle that runs along the cabinets at rhythmical intervals. The strip elongates the l

ines of the furniture, making the elements appear even more streamlined and elegant. Also unique: recessing located between the wooden surfaces. This makes for more comfortable use, as it allows for the units to be opened either via the upper or lower par

t of the handle. On the tall cabinets, these handles run vertically.

A variety of décors highlight Ketho's refined form: white, basalt and graphite add subtlety, whereas garnet red creates a powerful blaze of colour. The matte structure of the surf

aces makes them pleasant to the touch, a property that is mirrored in the design of the bath panelling. Overall, Ketho offers consistent design throughout, creating an attractive, balanced appearance.

From wall shelf to integrated console

includes everything from a small wall shelf and flexible mobile storage unit to practical cabinets, both tall and low, that offer a generous amount of storage space. The vanity units prove particularly versatile: five different vanity units are available

in widths ranging from 40 to 120 cm (15 ¾" to 47 ¼") for combination with the Starck 3 furniture washbasins. The range also includes options measuring 80 and 100 cm (31 ½" and 39 3/8") wide for the D-Code furniture washbasins. If console and built-in bas

ins are required, a vanity unit with a fully integrated console provides the ultimate solution. Thanks to its dual function, this piece provides the perfect platform for designing individual washing areas with wash bowls, console basins or built-in washba

sins. With or without the integrated console, vanity washbasins always offer a choice of one or two drawers. Mirrors and mirrored cabinets in matching widths add the finishing touch to the range. With their individually adjustable glass shelves, the mirro

red cabinets in particular offer valuable storage space. For those who prefer their cabinets with handles, these are enclosed and can be easily screw-mounted.

SoftClose function and tested standards
The Ketho furniture range is robust and durabl

e in every respect. All items of furniture feature comprehensive melamine resin protection and bonded, waterproof edges. Thanks to the integrated SoftClose function with silicon end dampers, doors always close smoothly and quietly and, in so doing, spare

both the user's fingers and the material. The illuminated mirrors and mirror cabinets are tested and certified in accordance with the IP 44 international safety standard. For the user, this means: the products are splash-proof and can be fitted closer to

bathtubs and showers - thus making economical use of the available space. And - they are easy to operate via infrared sensor. Thanks to an integrated 3-way switch, the lights can also be operated via other switches, and, for example, fitted next to the b

athroom door. Every detail of the furniture range aims to ensure that the user can identify with and enjoy it and throughout the lifetime of the bathroom.

Breite135 mm
Höhe880 mm / 1320 mm / 1800 mm
Tiefe360 mm
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Duravit, Deutschland

Christian Werner


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