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Flexibility of sizes, adaptability of elements, essentiality of lines, purity of shape. Via Veneto 2010 by Falper Design is the most modern interpretation of bathroom furniture, available in virtually any size and configuration. A complete and versatile m

odular system. Washbasins to be installed on, under or built in a cabinet, new open elements, five types of handles, 21 widths, 3 heights and 3 standard depths, curved elements and changes of depth, other than the possibility of creating fully personalize

d sizes and colors. Via Veneto 2010 is Falper Design's timeless collection, in constant evolution.

The Via Veneto collection by Falper Design is enriched by new open cabinets or with doors or drawers, capable of meeting any storage need. Other than

the standard sizes, all high cabinets can be customemade.

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Falper, Italien