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ABR Producción Contemporánea S.L.

Pompeu Fabra 55-63
08911 Barcelona

T: +34 93 363 72 92
F: +34 93 363 72 91

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The arrival of a new furniture publisher is indeed a significant event in the field of Spanish design. Particularly considering the fact that existing ones are few and far between. Having thousands of professionals and colleges that are bursting with futu

re designers is meaningless if there is a subsequent shortfall in the number of companies that can seize and showcase their talent. Let us reiterate the point that, no matter how outstanding they may be, designers are nothing if they do not have a company

willing to put its money where its mouth is by producing their designs. Therefore, the arrival of ABR is welcome.

This new company, which has been undergoing preparations for just over a year, is a publisher. This is different to being a manufactu

rer. In the field of design, the publisher is an extremely Catalan component whose forerunners include such distinguished brands as Bd Ediciones de Diseño, Santa & Cole and Mobles 114, historical examples of our country's design. ABR operates in the same

way as they do: it does not have its own factory and seeks the most suitable industrialist or provider for each project. That may be on a nearby industrial estate or as far away as China. This is the only way to operate if the publisher does a little of

everything and the same catalogue offers lamps, flowerpots, furnishings, shelves, hangers, seats and even the Virgin of Memory.

This eclecticism and a desire to try out everything are unmistakable signs of the company's youth. As indeed is the ble

nd of courage, humour and the dose of unconsciousness needed in order to bring onto the market objects such as an expanded polyurethane chair, which looks like it is a replica of the buttocks of Michelangelo's David, or the above-mentioned virginal USB de

vice. And such items are warmly welcome because, from time to time the design world can do with a touch of fun and some good vibes.

The manager of ABR (an acronym of ABReviatura or abbreviation in Spanish, a name that was acquired from an old Barce

lona company) is Marc Hernández, and Toni Pallejà (Porcuatro Studio), who was educated at the Eina school, carries the creative design baton. Marc holds a degree in business sciences from Pompeu Fabra University and outside office hours he is a resident D

J in Razzmatazz, Barcelona. Both were born in 1979. Surely this is proof of a youthful spirit. We would like to wish them both the very best of luck and give them a warm welcome.

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