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Via Monsignor Tenderini
01033 Civita Castellana

T: + 39 0761 59 94 99
F: +39 0761 51 42 32

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At the beginning the Company. In 1987 Artceram began its activity in Civita Castellana. Focused on the production of basins for the bathroom furnishing industry. In 2000 Artceram developed its own brand identity through the collaboration of international designers. Along these years the company, achieving more and more specialization, began the production of new furnishing elements for the bathroom. The strategic evolution occurs in 2006 with the brand new collection La Fontana featuring a complete collection of sanitaryware and furnishing pieces such as a columnbasin structure. Philosophy The perfect balance of project, function and innovation brought the company to be international. The constant technological research and the special focusing on design with the aim of anticipating trends of bathroom sector contributed to made a name for itself among international markets.
Lifestyle. Today Artceram produces complete furnishing solution for bathroom including full service dedicated to the customer satisfaction heading to express its own lifestyle, not simply with the products but also through thedesigning and fittings of special corners in the shops.