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Sankt Annæ Passage Bredgade 25F
DK-1260 København

T: +45 3331 5400
F: +45 3331 5401

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Refer + Staer is an award-winning international design and production company based in Denmark offering exclusive, simplistic and quality lighting for the professional and private market.

Refer + Staer offers a range of extravagant lighting both customised, special editions and a standard collection.

Included in Refer + Staer's exclusive lighting collection is the award winning Ice chandelier, the ambient fibre optic lamp Black Fiber and the exclusive crystal chandelier Sheherazade.

We also continuously create special and limited editions, which are sold through selected high-end retail partners.

Refer + Staer is also specialised in customised lighting for private and commercial projects.

Our projects include chandeliers and lamps for restaurants, hotels, night clubs and city councils and have been carried out in cooperation with retail partners and architects all over the world.

Quality lighting products are assured throughout the design and production phase. Only high quality materials are used which combined with surface treatments and the use of the latest technology assure top of the line design products.