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Our Know how - The Tectona Tradition

Conceived by renowned designers, our furniture does not follow fashion. This is probably why it does not go out of fashion. Our products are an understated luxury, and they stand the test of time, season in season out.
Well-being knows no boundaries of time or else. We always favour comfort, our furniture is designed to have large seats, round back rests, generous arm rests, easily operating mechanisms to facilitated folding, or storing.
We test our products relentlessly; we use the best available materials to make our furniture. Our teak wood has been selected for its high oil content, it is kiln dried to be more stable. Our furniture is sanded down by hand. It is assembled the old fashion way with mortise and tenors according to the ancient rule of cabinet making. Tectona is not only perpetuating tradition, it is also an innovator: using new materials such as resin wicker a material that is environmentally friendly.
Our resin is woven by hand by craftsmen the old fashion way. The frame is made in ultra light aluminium, but is as robust as teak. Finally our wrought iron line is the expression of the purest classicism.

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