Stylepark-ID: 10.2375.00024
Kategorien: Bodenbeläge TeppichbödenHandgeknüpfte Teppiche

Geometric abstraction transformed by the imprecise beauty of craftsmanship. The non-figurative pattern reflects the desire to avoid direct reference with the classical imagery of carpets Not by breaking with tradition, but by exploring it like a voyage be

tween two worlds, one digital (design) and one manual (weaving and knotting). These two carpets were made by weavers in northern east India. They aspire to reveal the mix of skills involved: artisanship and formalism. By tapping into the simplicity of the

lines and curves, the character of the color and wool, the result exudes a new atmosphere. More than just optical entertainment, the interlaced tracery and its indolent movement evoke a vivid and familiar presence.

Länge 2400 mm / 3000 mm
Breite 1900 mm / 2000 mm
Material Wolle

I+I, Italien

Emmanuel Babled