Bazil Brauntöne

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Bazil is a non-woven polyurethane upholstery with a cotton and polyester woven base. The surface is soft and smooth with a highly discreet and simple structure embossed by paper. Polyurethane ensures a breathable surface with good seating comfort. The fabric is durable and dirt repellent, yet soft and flexible, which makes it easy to work with.
Bazil's colour palette is devised by textile designer Helene Vonsild, who chose elegant, strong, vibrant colours that lend intensity and lustre to the fabric. The many dark colours give Bazil a refined look, which are nicely complemented by the light tones. "I was immediately inspired to work with natural colours that support the impression exuding the twill-weaved embossment. Bazil feels organic and has direction, the same feeling you get from fibres on a leaf or grains on a piece of wood. This is the style I wanted to work with in making the colour scale", she explains. Rich, dark wood was the basis of the deep colours, supplemented with colours inspired by rocks such as shale and granite along with the lighter tones of limestone quarries with hues of ochre and orange.
For the cool colours, she referenced the ocean, including subtleties found in seaweed and aquatic plants. The reds are inspired by exotic flowers contrasting with the crisp, greens of the leaves and stems. The nature-inspired collection is a mix of contrasts composed to make the colours exciting and inviting.

Breite 1400 mm
Stofffarbigkeit einfarbig
Material Wolle
Polyurethan (PU)
Farben Brauntöne
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Kvadrat, Dänemark

Helene Vonsild


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