Blue Hour

Stylepark-ID: 08.2412.00743
Kategorien: Stoffe / TextilienVorhänge / Gardinen

Blue Hour is a flat, unicoloured curtain, which particularly stands out for its distinctive simplicity. Closely-woven yet slightly translucent, it has a defined, almost sculptural effect when draped. The yarns used in the construction of Blue Hour are slightly shiny. As a result, the curtain has a ‘hi-tech’ look and changes appearance according to the light and the position of the viewer. When viewed from a distance it looks solid. However, its fine, subtle structure emerges when it is seen from close-up.

The colour palette for Blue Hour can be characterised as cheerful. It comprises bright and bold hues, such as red, purple and orange, as well as more neutral tones like cream, light grey, rose and eggshell. Blue Hour is a versatile curtain that works well in a wide range of environments. Thanks to its fire-retardancy, it is very well-suited to contract applications.

Breite 3000 mm
Material Polyester
Farben Weiß


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