Campas Grüntöne

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Kategorien: Stoffe / TextilienVorhänge / Gardinen
Stoffe / TextilienStoffe

Graphic designer and artist Finn Sködt has a longstanding working relationship with Kvadrat. In addition to Campas he has also designed Divina, Pro and Topas. Finn Sködt is renowned for his unique ability to create and combine colours, however he has a preference for bright colours. Campas 3 is a solid-coloured, tightly woven curtain with a satin quality ideal for blackout requirements. The curtain has a heavy fall, exuding calm and tranquillity. This offers good possible combinations with light, patterned curtains. "I chose tentative colours for this tightly woven curtain as they complement the handsome folds and bring a sense of calm to their surroundings. Since the curtain must serve for blackout purposes, the colours have to suit this function," explains Finn Sködt.
Campas 3 is available in a palette of 33 and is coloured in harmony with Divina 3, but with more emphasis on the subdued tones. The bright red, yellow and orange along with the subdued shades of beige, white, grey and olive green produce an affinity between the colour palettes of the two textiles. The smooth, shiny surface of Campas enhances the vitality of the bright colours and permeates the subtle colours with an elegant lustre.

Breite 1400 mm
Stofffarbigkeit einfarbig
Material Spezialfaser (Trevira CS)
Farben Grüntöne
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Kvadrat, Dänemark

Finn Sködt


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