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Chicago 2 is a colour update of Chicago, an upholstery textile with a dynamic, three-dimensional expression designed by Helene Vonsild. Very vivid, it can be used to accentuate, or change the perception of the shape of furniture. Designed to create a new type of interaction with furniture, Chicago 2 is a plissé textile with a ribbed surface. Made from wool, it features a distinctive interplay of colours, which is created by different coloured stripes in complementary yet contrasting colours. Very vibrant, Chicago 2 reveals new nuances as the perspective of the viewer, or the light, changes. For instance, the look of its colours appears to change depending how far away it is seen from; in certain circumstances, the textile can take on a metallic lustre.

Chicago is a plissé, where the selected colours are woven with a white or a black colour in the warp. On each side of the plissé, Helene Vonsild uses a colour that contrasts with the colour on the other side. The two contrasting colours meet at the top of the plissé, where the warp colour recurs, thus making the colour interplay add up to a greater whole. This produces the three-dimensional, changing effect that gives the fabric its vivid quality and the impression of being in motion. Versatile Chicago 2 is suitable for private homes and a number of commercial applications. It is ideal for those looking to appreciate furniture in a new light. It was originally created for Kvadrat in 2006.

Breite 1400 mm
Material Wolle
Alle Chicago Produkte

Kvadrat, Dänemark

Helene Vonsild


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