Vorgestellt: Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015, Stockholm
Stylepark-ID: 08.2412.00771
Kategorien: Stoffe / TextilienVorhänge / Gardinen

The pattern for Sparkling and Drizzle starts as a unicolour at the bottom of the curtain. As it moves upwards, it melts into a lively play of organic shapes, which steadily taper away into the white base fabric. Julie Henriksen: ‘Sparkling and Drizzle explore our perception of ornamentation, colour and decoration in a contemporary way. The colour gradient of their pattern is reminiscent of water meeting land or moss on stone.’
Digitally printed Sparkling and Drizzle do not have an all over pattern and consequently have a calm, light look. While Sparkling is densely woven, Drizzle is transparent and expresses colours in a more dissolved way. Both curtains can be used horizontally or vertically. Sparkling and Drizzle mix three colours in every colourway. These either combine neutral, natural colours, or a neutral shade with a bright contrast colour. Some combinations have a graphic look; others are more floral.

Totalgewicht 15 g/m²
Stofffarbigkeit mehrfarbig
Rapport mit Rapport
Reinigung Bügeln möglich
Stoffbreite bis 300 cm
Stoffrollen­breite ca.
Material Polyester
Farben Weiß


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