Field Grüntöne

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Field is an elegant, timeless upholstery material in strong, clear colours. The material is yarn-coloured and woven with double weft and warp threads in different colours which gives a chequered effect when the surface is viewed at close quarters. Häberli has chosen and combined the colours so that they complement each other and at the same time retain a conspicuous freshness.
"The structure of using a double thread for the weft and warp made it obvious to combine two thread colours in the weave. I chose the strong neon-like colours to give the material life and at the same time to emphasise the simplicity and elegance of Field," says Häberli.
Field is inspired by one of the greatest classics in Kvadrat's collection, the upholstery material Hallingdal, which was designed by Nanna Ditzel and has been in the collection since 1968. The weave is the same in the two upholstery materials, but the surface of Field is, partially due to the choice of material, finer and smoother.

Breite 1400 mm
Stofffarbigkeit einfarbig
Material Spezialfaser (Trevira CS)
Farben Grüntöne
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Kvadrat, Dänemark

Alfredo Häberli


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