Grano 111

Grano 111
Stylepark-ID: 10.2412.00733
Kategorien: Bodenbeläge TeppichbödenAuslegware

Grano is a very compact, tufted woollen rug, which offers an alluringly rich expression and exceptional colour depth. Grano has an innovative ‘filled’ tufted construction. This is crafted by surrounding a combination of felted and coloured wool with another layer of coloured wool and then felting them together. This gives the rugs a natural and richly colourful expression. The yarn is designed by Liset van der Scheer. This is based on a traditional yarn, which combines different core and outer tones. Inspired to reveal this quality, she decided to use a cut pile. This created a pioneering look that showed, for the first time, all the colours in the yarn.

Grano combines melange yarns, which fuse different tones to deliver beautiful colour-depth, with solid yarns. As a result, its colourways, which combine two hues, all have a distinctive richness and a very individual character. The playful new palettes designed by colour-master Giulio Ridolfo, which are based on complementary yet contrasting natural elements. Grano is suitable for private use. It has been tested by TNO and can be used with under floor heating.

Bodengewicht 400 g/m²
Breite 4500 mm
Höhe 17 mm
Material Wolle
Farben Grautöne
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Kvadrat, Dänemark

Liset van der Scheer


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