Grid 1 + 2

Vorgestellt: Salone del Mobile 2013, Mailand
Stylepark-ID: 08.2412.00677
Kategorien: Stoffe / TextilienMöbelbezugsstoffe

Acclaimed designer Patricia Urquiola has created her first collection for Kvadrat. This consists of several abstract designs, which combine sophisticated colours, tactility and a strong sense of depth and volume Upholstery fabrics Grid 1+2 are made from new wool, which is soft, smooth and has an elegant lustre. This adds a classical dimension to the look of the textiles which, combined with their contemporary patterns and distinctive colours, creates an intriguingly ‘edgy’ look.

The patterns of the textiles are related: Grid 1 is based only on a grid while Grid 2 contains a digital motif inserted within the grid. They comprise different shapes, which are in a contrasting colour to the background. These emerge in an irregular way from the fabric. Whereas the pattern for Grid 1 is more structured and consistent, with more regular blocks and shapes, the pattern for Grid 2 seems more complex and variable. The 20 colourways of Grid 1+2 combine understated hues, such as cream, with bright hues, such as orange. Whilst the textiles do not share colours, the colourways complement each other very well.

Breite 1400 mm
Material Wolle
Farben Gelbtöne
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