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Kategorien: Stoffe / TextilienVorhänge / Gardinen

The Kvadrat 2nd Face curtain collection consists of five versatile designs, which have different expressions, or ‘faces’, on their back and front sides. These play with structure and scale, and offer an eye-catching interplay between neutral, light and dark colours.

Habit is characterised by its changing ‘faces’. In low light, both sides of the curtain appear to be solidly unicoloured. However, as the light increases the colour on the back of the curtain starts to emerge, which creates a subtle mélange effect. A single stripe in the reverse colour underlines its defined expression. Depending on the application, the stripe can appear either horizontally or vertically, or it can be completely hidden. The curtains in the collection are particularly well-suited to offices, educational venues, healthcare and the hospitality sector. Due to their flexible construction, they offer an ideal starting point for the development of custom curtains. Consequently, they are also a good choice for those looking to create personalised or branded interiors.

Breite 3200 mm
Material Polyester
Farben Gelbtöne


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