Highfield 2

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Kvadrat has worked with the Argentine-Swiss designer Alfredo Häberli since he designed Kvadrat's new showroom in Milan with the theme A Breeze of Fabrics in 2007, for which textiles were used as walls and room dividers in unorthodox and unique layered constructions.
Highfield is a thick, soft upholstery material with a sports-inspired, neoprene-like look. The textile consists of two layers of material with an intermediary layer of foam material on which an organic pattern is embossed in the surface of the textile. This means heat printing of the three layers of material. The pattern is inspired by the metal bench Los Bancos Suizos, which Häberli has previously designed. There is a clear parallel between the perforated surface of the bench and the embossed circular pattern of Highfield.
The production process behind Highfield is taken from the automotive industry where the same technology is used for in the production of seat covers.
"Through my collaboration with the automotive industry I discovered a technique for creating a more three-dimensional feel in textile, so my idea for Highfield was to achieve this three-dimensional, soft surface," says Häberli. He continues: "The irregular circles in the material add sparkle to the surface and the pattern suits furniture well with its combination of square and organic forms".
The material is soft despite the density of the three layers, which makes it easy to upholster with. The weave technique is the same as in Field, but with only a single thread in the weft and warp. The colour scale matches Field so it is obvious to use the two upholstery materials in combination.

Breite 1400 mm
Stofffarbigkeit einfarbig
Material Spezialfaser (Trevira CS)
Farben Rottöne
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Kvadrat, Dänemark

Alfredo Häberli


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