Molly dunkle Töne

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The idea behind the Molly upholstery fabric was to create a basic material taking yarn as its starting point. Accordingly, the fabric is not dyed - the colours are derived from the actual wool mix. This gives Molly a delicate, sophisticated look. Molly is 100% simplicity and 100% textile; a natural coloured upholstery fabric made from Norwegian carded woollen yarn and New Zealand combed yarn. This special combination gives the fabric its delicate, simple appearance. Molly's quality is not to be found in a colour palette or in uniform consistency but in the unobtrusive design of the fabric, the variations in the weave and the sensation of a genuine, natural product. One of the great things about Molly is how suitable it is for use in combination. The 16 Molly designs combine beautifully and Molly also combines very well with other textiles and materials in much bolder colours and designs. Molly's great strength lies in its unobtrusiveness, purity and simplicity and this is what makes it so readily combinable. Because Molly is undyed, there will be natural colour variations from one consignment to another. This is unavoidable in such a pure, natural product. Molly is woven using wool produced without the use of chemicals and is the creation of Swedish textile designer Åsa Pärson, a graduate of Textilhögskolan, Borås and Konstfack, Stockholm.

Breite 1400 mm
Stofffarbigkeit einfarbig
Farben Grautöne
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Kvadrat, Dänemark


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