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Outback is a luxurious and comfortable bouclé upholstery fabric, designed by Giulio Ridolfo. The textile features numerous tones in each colourway, which creates subtle colour combinations that play across its richly textured surface. The fabric is made from a soft and hardwearing blend of wool. Mélange bouclé yarns are used in both warp and weft, which gives the textile body and warmth, whilst making it very comfortable. As a result, Outback is suitable for soft seating for both the contract market and private homes. The mélange yarns consist of 4 different colours and, for most of the colourways, two different coloured threads are used. The palette features twenty rich shades, including elegant charcoal, dusty blues, soft greens, neutral sandy hues, steel grey and burnt copper. These subtle tones create an intriguing effect: as you cast your eyes over the fabric, different nuances reveal themselves. The colour scale was inspired by his fascination with the spectacular tones of the Australian Outback, which he experienced during his travels. Giulio Ridolfo: ‘The immense variety of non-colours to be found there inspired me to select a blend of inter-tones of warm and cold colours.’ Outback shares colours and combines well with Remix, which is also designed by Giulio Ridolfo.

Breite 1400 mm
Stofffarbigkeit einfarbig
Material Wolle
Polyamid / Nylon (PA)
Farben Grautöne


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