Sweet Hope

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Sweet Hope is a curtain fabric, designed by the acclaimed Japanese designer Akira Minagawa. Ideal for offices, it offers superb heat and light regulation properties. This textile, easy to maintain, is made from reflective Trevira CS yarns and is, unusually, fabricated by knitting two layers together, which fixes the fabric against stretching. Previously, different layers have traditionally been woven together. The front side of the fabric is matt and colourful; the back is reflective and behaves like a metal in reflecting light and heat. Sweet Hope is therefore excellent for regulating the environment. Unlike many textiles with technical properties, there is no metal used in the construction of Sweet Hope. It is a natural choice for those looking to minimise their environmental impact. Inspired by feelings and natural images, such as soft sunlight falling through the foliage, Akira Minagawa has developed nine gentle, earthy and different colours for Sweet Hope: autumnal browns, a cool blue, a mustard green, a dusty olive, soft greys and white. The inviting and accessible character of the textile has it roots in the designer’s vision. With Sweet Hope he aims to create lasting feelings of warmth, hope, happiness and togetherness with friends and family.

Breite 1750 mm
Stofffarbigkeit einfarbig
Material Spezialfaser (Trevira CS)
Farben Grautöne


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