Lin Pod Bank


Slender contours of upholstery fluidly move from one feature to the next. The backrest gently slopes downward to the seat which extends outward to contain a pot of greenery. By placing plant life in such an intimate position, Lin Pod Bench creates a peace

ful atmosphere that connects us more deeply with nature. A solid wood leg frame raises the upholstered form, enhancing the inherent visual levity. Upholstered in a choice of cotton or wool.


Available in american black walnut a

nd american white oak finished with a danish oil or a white oil and a choice of wool or cotton fabric. For further information on materials and finishes please view the Materials subsection in the Products menu.

Breite1760 mm
Höhe674 mm
Tiefe590 mm
Sitzausführungmit Sitzpolster
Unter­gestell­ausführungmit Beinen
Rücken­lehnen­ausführungmit Rückenpolster
Armlehnen­ausführungohne Armlehnen
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Leif.designpark, Japan