Melon Barhocker

Melon Barhocker
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The Melon chair range is light, versatile and moderate priced. It is available with or without arms and also as an office chair. The frame is of metal and the seat/back is of birch, beech or oak. This chair can also be upholstered in three different ways.

This means that you got several choices for different places.
The wooden chair is a good alternative for schools, canteens and cafés. When upholstered it's good for assembling halls, offices and why not for homes. One of the main points o

f this chair is that it is utmost comfortable.
All Melon chairs stack but the office chair. The chair with arms can have a writing tablet fixed for lecturing facilities. This one is also stacking, so it is easy to store.

Sitzausführung ohne Sitzpolster
Unter­gestell­ausführung mit Beinen
Rücken­lehnen­ausführung ohne Rückenpolster
Armlehnen­ausführung ohne Armlehnen
Funktionen stapelbar
Material Birke
Farben Brauntöne
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LEPO, Finnland

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