the sisters Hängeleuchten

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the sisters in our collection are characterised by refined and nuanced painterly colour relationships. these lamps have a classical form and are afforded a special charm by their curved painting frame with its quirky gap at the side. these lamps have bee

n prepared in the manner of traditional paintings, a frame covered by a canvas which is then painted with discernible colour nuances and brush strokes. these brush strokes are masterly and give the painting on each lamp its individual character. the text

ure of their cloth and colours generates a warm and cosy mood, accenting the finish of the cloth and brush strokes. these high quality lamps have been harmonised and refined right down to the finest details; they are inherently natural and form a unified

ensemble. the lamps in this collection are available in six different colour tones with colour options, creating various moods: dusk | night | storm | mist | glow | frost. the lamps can be varied in various combinations of colours, proportions and d

imensions creating a rich bouquet of nuances within a room. the collection consists of a floor lamp and ceiling lamp. light descent type /lamp providing direct, diffused light.

Stand/Befestigungmit Pendelabhängung
Form Diffusor/Reflektorzylinderförmig
Leuchtenkopfhöhe370 mm
Leuchten­kopf­durch­messer430 mm
Pendellänge630 mm
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mammalampa, Lettland