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The Scoop sofa table series is available in two different heights and there are six different table top options. In addition to chrome, the table’s metal base is available in all of the colours in our Inspiring Colours range, and some of the models are also available with a painted metallic table top.

Scoop is light and easy to move, has simple Scandinavian lines and a relaxed feel.

The Scoop sofa table designed by Iiro Viljanen is well suited as a normal sofa table or almost any type of supplementary table.

Wooden table tops:
 ø42 cm, height 52 cm
; ø60 cm, height 52 cm
; 60x60 cm, height 52 cm
; 60x60 cm, height 35 cm
; ø90 cm, height 35 cm
; 90x90 cm, height 35 cm; ø120 cm, height 35 cm.

Metal table tops:
 ø42 cm, height 50 cm
; ø60 cm, height 50 cm; 60x60 cm, height 50 cm
; 60x60 cm, height 33 cm.

Länge 600 mm / 900 mm
Breite 600 mm / 900 mm
Höhe 330 mm / 350 mm / 500 mm / 520 mm
Durchmesser 420 mm / 600 mm / 900 mm / 1200 mm
Tischausführung mit Kufen
Form Tischplatte quadratisch abgerundet
Material Holz (nicht spezifiziert)
Metall (nicht spezifiziert)
Farben Schwarz

Martela, Finnland

Iiro Viljanen


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