Swan XL

Vorgestellt: Euroluce 2009, Mailand
Stylepark-ID: 04.2885.00035
Kategorien: InnenleuchtenStandleuchten

The new Swan XL is a larger version of the Swan table lamp, which was introduced earlier. Swan XL is a floor lamp designed to go next to the armchair of an avid reader. It provides a focal point that looks equally impressive in private homes as well as public spaces - anywhere that requires a good spotlight. Floor lamps are made up of three parts: the base, the stand and the shade. "I wanted to give these components a new, modern form and this led to the creation of Swan XL. It is not just a larger version of the table lamp, however. I've altered the dimensions to make it work better as a floor lamp.
To ensure that the design was functional, I made life-size drawings of the XL version to see what it would look like next to my favourite armchair," Eero Aarnio says.

Breite 480 mm
Höhe 1300 mm
Tiefe 1160 mm
Emissionsklasse A
Stand/Befestigung mit Fußplatte
Form Diffusor/Reflektor rund
Leuchtenkopfbreite 390 mm
Material Polyethylen (PE)
Farben Schwarz

Martela, Finnland

Eero Aarnio


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