X3 mit Kufen

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Intense experimentation, research and innovation have given rise to X3: a collection of home & contract chairs that is unique in terms of materials and technology. Transparent, coloured, with a simple look but substantial design. X3 is made with an absolu

tely new technological procedure for furnishings: the single-piece seat and back is obtained from the bi-injection of two materials, transparent polycarbonate and mass-coloured Desmopan. The design has been patented because it is the result of a complex m

oulding technology that has been applied for the first time in this specific sector. The design of X3 has deliberately highlighted this technology with a transparent shaped sheet that has a regular square mesh structure. In the moulding process the first

injection of polycarbonate forms the shell and the hollow mesh structure. The second injection of mass-coloured Desmopan fills the cavities evenly, strengthening the overall stability of the chair and adding the final aesthetic touch of colour. Thanks to

the characteristics of the two materials used, the aesthetic results can be enhanced and varied with countless possible colour combinations between mesh structure and shell emphasized by the play of transparency. X3, stackable up to 10 pieces on the floo

r and without limit on a trolley, is to structural standards laid down by EN 1728 (Europe) and ANSI BIFMA X5.1 (America).

Breite 520 mm
Höhe 770 mm
Tiefe 470 mm
Sitzausführung ohne Sitzpolster
Sitzhöhe 450 mm
Unter­gestell­ausführung mit Kufen
Rücken­lehnen­ausführung ohne Rückenpolster
Armlehnen­ausführung ohne Armlehnen
Funktionen stapelbar
Material Polycarbonat (PC)
Farben Grautöne
Gold / Messing
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Maxdesign, Italien

Marco Maran