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Tord Boontje has reinterpreted the classic wood veneered cabinet of the 18th century by creating a beautiful, sensual shape using simply figured veneers to highlight a rich landscape of curves. This is also a cabinet with a secret, in fact fourteen of the

m. In the finest traditions of the 18th century, this hand-made, hand veneered cabinet contains a central, secret panel which opens to reveal eleven drawers and also contains three additional drawers still hidden. The two main doors are released with the

simple touch of an unmarked panel of veneer on the front of the cabinet. The secret central compartment is opened by a far less easily discovered mechanism which, when activated, only allows the central panel to open but does not release the eleven drawe

rs still firmly in place with hidden locks - for this (and the locations of the further three drawers) more secrets would need to be revealed. The complicated geometry of the doublecurved surfaces of the wardrobe are covered on both the exterior and inter

ior by hand-sawn cocobolo veneer. The particular Dalbergia wood selected is a silk-textured variety, richly brown in colour with red highlights, and is figured by a subtle, darker irregular weave throughout - lending itself to the particular challenges of

the elaborate curves it is to cover. With intentional contrast, the entire interior of the secret central compartment and each of its secret drawers is made from both solid and hand-sawn veneers of the deeply red, almost purple, padouk wood.

Breite1120 mm
Höhe2120 mm
Tiefe800 mm

Meta, Vereinigtes Königreich

Tord Boontje