Nude wall

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In creating a pure, nude and delicately styled aluminium tube with a minimalist, rectilinear design, Belgian architect/designer Joel Claïsse once again led Modular to new heights in 2002. NUDE’s brushed aluminium, the slightly recessed and thus

almost invisible lamp and its spiralled power cord which gracefully winds up along the delicate suspension, come together to create a stunning design. By adding discharge to the existing halogen pendant lamp, NUDE has been a fully complementary lighting

system since 2005. Due to this innovation, NUDE can now be integrated in a broad range of projects and interiors. At Light + Building 2006, NUDE will be taking on a new dimension: the series now includes a ceiling lamp and a wall fixture. In the latter v

ariant, the single version will light the wall upwards or downwards, while the double version will light both upwards and downwards. Modular has chosen to introduce a white structure lacquer version to emphasise the series’ unique look.

Höhe 275 mm
Durchmesser 70 mm / 100 mm
Funktionen fest
Stand/Befestigung Festanschluss
Prüfzeichen/Zertifikation CE
Schutzart (nach DIN 40050) IP20 Schutz vor: Festkörpern > 12 mm
Schutzklasse Klasse I (Schutzerdung)
Material Aluminium
Farben Weiß
Alle NUDE Produkte

Modular Lighting Instruments, Belgien

Joel Claïsse


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