Qbini LED Einbauleuchte square-tapered

Vorgestellt: Salone del Mobile 2017, Mailand
Stylepark-ID: 04.1168.00157
Kategorien: InnenleuchtenEinbauleuchtenDeckeneinbauleuchten

Qbini allows you to experiment with your lighting. You can select one frame in which one, two, three or four Qbinis fit. The Qbini’s light source is contained in a round or square shape that can be protruding, recessed or tapered. That makes six possibilities in all! Besides that, the frame and the lighting modules are available in a white or black grained finish, allowing you to play with contrasts. And finally, there is the ingenious, patented push system: the lighting modules are recessed into the frame as a standard, but with a single push, you can allow the module to be recessed even deeper into the fixture, or to protrude outwards even farther. This makes for an extremely playful, yet architectural fixture!

Although Qbini is no more than 44 X 44 mm in size, its recently developed reflector produces a very high light output. Additionally, there are two beam angle options available: medium or flood. With a CRI of 92, the LEDs are of an outstanding quality. You can also equip the Qbinis with accessories (honeycomb, crossblade or snoot) to create specific lighting effects.

Lichtregelung stufenlos (Dimmer)
Stand/Befestigung Festanschluss
Prüfzeichen/Zertifikation CE
Leuchtenkopfhöhe 94 mm
Schutzart (nach DIN 40050) IP54 Vollständiger Schutz/Staubgeschützt/Gegen Spritzwasser aus allen Richtungen
Breite 44 mm
Höhe 55 mm
Tiefe 44 mm
Material Metall (nicht spezifiziert)
Kunststoff (nicht spezifiziert)
Farben Schwarz
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Modular Lighting Instruments, Belgien

Florent Coirier


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