Vorgestellt: Light+Building 2016, Frankfurt
Stylepark-ID: 04.1168.00156
Kategorien: InnenleuchtenEinbauleuchtenDeckeneinbauleuchten

A wink can be a greeting, an attempt at flirting, or simply an irritating twitch. Modular Lighting Instruments, however, feels that its new “Wink” light fixture is hard to pin down to one specific style, although every one of its products has always contained a humorous element.

The combination of the technical skill of designers Couvreur.Devos with a bit of wink-wink humour gives this fixture a decidedly distinctive allure. The straightforward approach, the detailed finish and the sleek design resulted in a light fixture that is semi-recessed in the ceiling, while just peeking out over the edge.

Wink creates a symmetric downlight effect. In spite of the fact that its design is identical, Asy Wink, however, has an asymmetric reflector, creating an asymmetric beam angle. This effect allows you to accentuate objects on walls. The Asy Wink, which is fitted with a spreadlens, will illuminate the wall evenly, with a horizontal and wide light beam.

Emissionsklasse A++ - A
Prüfzeichen/Zertifikation CE
Höhe 23 mm
Durchmesser 115 mm
Einbautiefe 880 mm
Schutzart (nach DIN 40050) IP54 Vollständiger Schutz/Staubgeschützt/Gegen Spritzwasser aus allen Richtungen
Schutzklasse Klasse III (Schutzkleinspannung)
Material Glas (nicht spezifiziert)


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