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Molteni&C announces exclusive Gio Ponti rights

Molteni&C is continuing its enthusiastic research in the archives of Gio Ponti, the great 20th century maestro of design and architecture. Following the unexpected international success that greeted the 2012 collection of remakes of furniture originally designed by Gio Ponti – offered to the public for the first time and subsequently enriched every year with new items for a total of eleven so far –, the Company has consolidated its cooperation with Gio Ponti’s heirs. As from 2017, with an exclusive 10-year worldwide license contract, Molteni&C will be the only company to produce and re-make Gio Ponti furniture (bookcases, chests of drawers and dressers, console tables, desks and individual items of furniture, sofas, armchairs large and small, chairs, dining and occasional tables, beds and bedside tables, accessorized walls), designed a career that spanned the 1920s to the end of the 1970s. New products, new stories to be told, the enhancement of the Ponti archives and new research designed to highlight hitherto unknown or forgotten works.

Molteni&C - D.156.3 design Gio Ponti

Designed by Gio Ponti for Altamira, an American company founded by the nephew of the Spaniard De Cuevas, was displayed in the company’s showroom in New York, along with furniture by Ico Parisi, Franco Albini, Carlo De Carli, Ignazio Gardella and others, chosen from among the most representative exhibitors at the 10th Milan Triennale. The presentation catalogue reads: “It was thought that architecture should be purely functional, with very little margin for decoration. But the Italian genius could not help but create architecture with a more human face, which we call the Latin touch”. The D.156.3 armchair, exclusively remade by Molteni&C, has a solid natural or black semi-matt lacquered frame. It is assembled and sandpapered by hand and wiped with aniline dyes. The particular ergonomic backrest, on the other hand, consists of criss-crossed elastic straps, which support the soft, quilted and edged cushion. Available in three textiles and in three leathers from the Molteni&C collection, including Nabuk (seen in the photo in the rust variant). Customization on request.

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Molteni&C, Italien

Gio Ponti


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