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Vorgestellt:Salone del Mobile 2016, Mailand
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Daniel Libeskind’s Gemma Collection for Moroso is an exercise in architecture on a small-scale— space, proportions, texture, color and comfort are paramount. The Gemma collection was developed around the idea of contrast and experience derived from the perception of a shape. The sharp asymmetry of its three-dimensional geometry contrasts the softness of the upholstery. The multi-faceted profile is reminiscent of both a precious gemstone and of the compositions typical of fifteenth century Italian tapestries. The collection represents a synergy between the complex geometries of Libeskind and the well-known expertise of Moroso. Libeskind has drawn a tremendous amount of inspiration from natural geological forms including crystals, gems and natural rock formations. For the Moroso collection, the design is informed by the asymmetrical faceted design of gems to create both a sculpture piece for the home or office and connect to Libeskind’s large oeuvre. “The shape of a crystal has to do with an inversion of surface and depth. What is deep inside of the crystal comes to the surface and at once you look right through the surface into an abyss of light and color at its core,” said Daniel Libeskind. Moroso teamed up with Italian company Feruglio Engineering to develop Gemma’s steel frame then cushioned and upholstered it with several fabric options including Blur, a soft knit fabric with an ombre effect that gradates from dark to light. The series also includes a sofa and upholstered bench for public spaces and solid-color leather upholstery options.

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