Klara 478

Klara 478
Vorgestellt: imm cologne 2013, Köln
Stylepark-ID: 05.1894.10391
Kategorien: WohnmöbelSitzmöbelSchaukelstühle

Klara is a wooden armchair designed by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso. The design works on a simple, linear aesthetic that is harmonious in its curved yet essential shape. The use of wood emphasises its lightness and elegance.

The structure is both functional and decorative, and calls to mind the first serial productions of the early 20th century (not least) due to the use of woven cane, a hand-crafted technique in practice in Friuli a century ago.

For its production, Moroso decided to work with the Manzano chair-manufacturing district, both in recognition of a production area that has represented Italian excellence in the production and industrial processing of wooden chairs for over a century, and because Moroso has always considered fine Italian, and in this case local craft skills to be of great value.

The name Klara evokes a sense of tranquillity (Klare in German means clear, limpid, whilst the Spanish equivalent Clara communicates serenity). Thus this project also emphasises the importance of blending decorative art, craftsmanship and industrial design.

Breite 940 mm
Höhe 930 mm
Tiefe 950 mm
Gewicht 1100 kg
Sitzausführung mit Sitzpolster
Sitzbreite 620 mm
Sitzhöhe 400 mm
Sitztiefe 580 mm
Unter­gestell­ausführung mit Kufen
Rücken­lehnen­ausführung ohne Rückenpolster
Armlehnen­ausführung mit Armlehnen
Armlehnenhöhe 560 mm
Material Buche
Farben Brauntöne
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Moroso, Italien

Patricia Urquiola