Vorgestellt: imm cologne 2017, Köln
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Senegal-O Chair “The idea for the Senegal-O chair came from a dreamcatcher that my daughter Evie had made for my birthday. I liked the pattern and that it could be made with such simple means. It reminded me of the possibilities we have in Senegal: to weave by hand on a simple fame. I imagined the circle becoming a very large backrest, which would surround you like a halo when you sit against it”. Weavers Bench “The Weavers Bench came from a small scale model that I had made, exploring how the surface of the weaving could form a soft shape for the body. When I showed this model to Patrizia, she interpreted this as being one large seat, which we agreed could be very nice and dynamic. When I went to Dakar we made the frame directly from the model and started weaving. This bench was made without drawings or computers, only with skilled hands”. Tord Boontje.

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Farben Orangetöne

Moroso, Italien

Tord Boontje