Vorgestellt:Salone del Mobile 2013, Mailand
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“In every home there is normally a bookcase which holds our books, our photographs, our souvenirs and knick-knacks, objects we do not want to forget. The bookcase is the holder of our memories and is most commonly made in wood, sometimes metal, sometimes glass but never clay despite our yearning for the ‘natural’ in our life and home. Terreria isn’t just a combination of two words ‘terracotta’ and ‘libreria’ (the Italian for bookcase) it’s about creating a living space which is simultaneously new and old, urban and rustic. Terreria is part modular furniture-the single elements can be assembled to produce an infinite number of configurations and sizes- and part Italian farmhouse window looking out over the countryside.

The product’s design stimulates different ideas for configuration as the three components can be used in different combinations to render every Terreria wholly original and unique. This is why it would be wrong to apply the term “industrial design” to Terreria; it is rather a “handcrafted design” of a product which can be freely assembled. The design has its origins in the Chianti Classico area of Italy where the first prototypes were developed for Cantina Antinori as part of Moroso’s furnishing of all their interiors. This Archea Associati project led by Marco Casomonti is representative of the firm’s long-term interest in the use of so-called ‘poor’ materials, bringing together design and architecture in projects both large and small.

The material used, the colours and hues and the feel to the touch exploit all the many applications which ceramics have had in the home over the centuries, in Terreria you can choose to feel the different coarseness of the terracotta and the smoothness of the varnishes in various different shades on offer.

Breite250 mm / 350 mm
Höhe400 mm
Tiefe300 mm

Moroso, Italien