BASE handrise

BASE handrise
Stylepark-ID: 07.8141.00002
Kategorien: Bad / SanitärSanitärobjekteWaschtischeEinzelwaschtische

As the name suggests, the Base handrinse is a collection of 10 basic-shaped models. It is characterized by the 12mm radius inside the basin. This collection aims to be accessible, adaptable and easy to maintain. Not only is Base perfect for the domesti

c environment, but its characteristics also make Base an ideal choice in hygienic surroundings and intensively-used restrooms, such as hospitals, exhibition centers or airports.

Breite 300 mm / 370 mm
Höhe 85 mm / 130 mm
Tiefe 200 mm
Material Kunststoff (nicht spezifiziert)
Farben Weiß
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