PUCK handrise

Stylepark-ID: 07.8141.00013
Kategorien: Bad / SanitärSanitärobjekteWaschtischeEinzelwaschtische

Puck is a pure and tactile little bowl. The use of the textured coating in combination with the smooth Himacs gives Puck its special playful character. Several colour combinations are available as well as the choice of a stainless steel bracket or a cu

stomized shelf, all of which make Puck a whimsical and practical addition in cloakrooms, restrooms and smaller bathrooms. Puck is available in white, grey, beige, brown and black Himacs. The textured PVC coating is available in grey, brown and black.

Höhe 130 mm
Durchmesser 272 mm
Material Kunststoff (nicht spezifiziert)
Farben Weiß