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Lumiblade is a large area diffuse light source. Unlike incandescent bulbs, which
generate light by passing electricity through a wire, or fluorescent lamps, which pass current through a gas, OLED lighting works by passing electricity through one or mor

e extremely thin layers of organic semiconductor material.These layers are
sandwiched between two electrodes - one positively charged and one negatively. The "sandwich" is placed on a sheet of glass or other transparent material which, in technical ter

ms, is called a "substrate". On the backside, the OLED is protected
by a coverglass. When current is applied to the electrodes, they emit positively and negatively charged holes and electrons.
These combine in the organic layer of the sandwich and c

reate a brief, high-energy state called "excitation". As this layer returns to its original, stable, "non-excited" state, the energy flows evenly through the organic film, causing it to emit light. Using different materials in the organic films makes it p

ossible for the OLEDs to emit different colored light.

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