Lumiblade Glow

Lumiblade Glow
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Why must light be trapped in a switch? Stretch out your hand to the smooth, organically rounded Lumiblade Glow and unlock a natural response. As your finger makes contact, watch the soft, warm light gently pulse, before you dim or brighten it with a touch

. The Lumiblade Glow is a new type of pure, clean, contemporary candle for high-design lounges, restaurants and homes of the 21st century.

Lumiblade Glow is a pliant, translucent object with the curving, polished lines of a stone you might find on the

beach. The embedded OLED is driven by integrated sensors, which respond to touch - initating a pulse of light that gradually fades.


Number of OLEDs: 1
Type of OLED: oval
Driving Current of Total System: 220 mA at 5.7 V
Color of OLED: white
Special Features: touch sensor

Breite215 mm
Höhe75 mm
Tiefe135 mm
Gewicht120 kg
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