Lumiblade Markerlight

Lumiblade Markerlight

The Lumiblade Markerlight lures you along a road of discovery with a flowing or pulsing path of light. The visual effect is crisp, clean and subtle, and the concept's softly glowing light lends itself equally well to safety, orientation and decorative pur

poses. Markerlight makes it possible to put artistic, design or architectural shapes in a whole new light!

Each Markerlight is composed of a strip of transparent resin in which three OLEDs - available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors - are

embedded. A simple system allows you to combine and mount the strips on top of almost any surface. No indentation in the walling, flooring, furniture or object is required. Multiple strips can be connected and powered by one driver.

Breite 600 mm
Höhe 35 mm
Tiefe 4 mm
Gewicht 11 kg
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Philips Lumiblade, Deutschland