Lumiblade Mr Ed

Lumiblade Mr Ed
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Mr. Ed is a tribute to the "good old" incandescent light bulb. This decorative object epitomizes cool, contemporary design, while evoking the comforting nostalgia of days gone by. Although this particular concept uses a light bulb as the subject, you can

put any image you like into such dramatic focus within a glowing cloud of light.

Lumiblade Mr. Ed is a decorative two-dimensional concept in which a fine outline of OLEDs is set on top of a piece of glass. When illuminated, the well-known light bu

lb profile emerges in a warm shimmer of light. But any type of shape, symbol or logo can be used in this concept. You can enhance the focus and emotional impact even more by using OLEDs of different sizes, shapes or colors.


Number of OLEDs: 1
Driving Current: 100 mA at 6.8 V
Color of OLED: white
Special Features: structured

Breite105.1 mm
Höhe166.6 mm
Tiefe1.8 mm
Gewicht4 kg
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