Lumiblade Reflections

Lumiblade Reflections
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Lumiblade Reflections turns a simple image into a work of art, starring whoever or whatever is facing the concept. Approach the illuminated panel and a mirrored image emerges. Yes, - that's you - surrounded by a warmly glowing nimbus of light. The effect

is beautifully functional, utterly unexpected and wildly imaginative. Walk away and watch as you fade back to light...

The Lumiblade Reflections panel is made up of dozens of small OLEDs. When infrared sensors behind the illuminated panel detect a

n object or presence, the light from the specific OLEDs facing it is dimmed, transforming those OLEDs into miniature mirrors. The OLEDs that stay illuminated enclose the object or person reflected in a soft, flattering aura of light.


Number of OLEDs: 70
Driving Current: 9 A at 12 V
Color of OLED: white
Special Features: presence detection

Breite480 mm
Höhe660 mm
Tiefe30 mm
Gewicht1000 kg
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Philips Lumiblade, Deutschland

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