PrimeFire Logs


Automatic features for comfort and safety. Decorative accessories for most natural flames.

Prime Fire Logs is a unique product combining the features of an automatic fireplace with a system of integrated decorative accessories. The eco-friendly ceramic logs and glowing embers placed on black vermiculite improve the aesthetic value of the fireplace, making the flame look even more natural and beautiful.

This intelligent ethanol fireplace provides the highest level of comfort and safety. Due to the integrated automatic refill system, any risk of human error during the fuel refilling process is eliminated. Prime Fire Logs is based on the patented BEV Technology™, which ensures the most efficient and always clean burning process without any smoke, smell or ash. The fireplace does not require any hard connections which allows it to be freely arranged in any kind of interior. The possibilities are limitless.

Discover the true charm of Prime Fire Logs. This unique fireplace will give you comfort, safety and naturally beautiful flames. Add a touch of relaxing ambience to your interior design.

Länge 700 mm
Gewicht 15 kg
Material Edelstahl
Farben Schwarz

Planika, Polen


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