Sinatra 2400


Sinatra 2400 is a gas fireplace of many benefits. If you dream of an even longer line of fire, we can make it come true. The technological solutions used in our products allows us to create a fireline of any length you desire. Because we are the experts in designing non-standard solutions, to satisfy all of your needs.   

To make the fireplace integrate well in all kinds of interiors, Sinatra comes in a variety of glazing options – front, double-sided, three-sided, tunnel solutions, room dividers or fully glass-enclosed fireplaces. The antireflective glass ensures a crystal-clear view. You can also choose a fireplace with an open fire, a classic solution without a glass enclosure.   

Sinatra offers two different fuel options – LPG or Natural Gas, both providing a clean and efficient combustion process and reducing the need for maintenance.   

The fireplace is an advanced product, fitted with many intelligent features. Sinatra provides convenient ways to control the fire, including a remote, mobile app and SHS compatibility. This allows for flame and heat output regulation. You can also monitor the operation status to have full control over your fireplace.   

Sinatra is equipped with decorative accessories, including ceramic logs and glowing wires placed on a layer of vermiculite embers. At your request, we can replace the logs with pebbles or glass crystals with LED illumination.   

Made of first-rate materials and components, all our products comply with the highest standards of quality and safety. The fireplaces are also equipped with sensors, monitoring the operation of the device.   

In our offer you can find hoods and flue systems with advanced extraction fans, ensuring proper air circulation and efficient functioning of the fireplace.